Our Credo

1.  We believe in one God, the Father, the Mother and the Son combined in  one Entity and Being, the Maker of all that exists, all that is thought,  felt or done.

2. We believe that the Christ was the greatest of  all teachers, that He came to reestablish choice and balance in the  world, to restore the road to salvation.

3. We believe that you  can make it to the Kingdom of God through right following of the  original principles of most religions. They have Christ-like saviours  and principles.

4. We believe that through ethics, even an atheist will make it to the Kingdom of God.

5. We believe that it is our duty to assert, claim and fulfill our needs.

6.  We believe that every being will reincarnate, working through his  harmfulness and perfecting himself to the point where he will totally be  at-one with God. 

7.  We believe it is the right, the duty and the inevitability of every  created entity to follow the one eternal and universal Path that runs  through all ethical creeds. There is only one religion, and there are  also as many religions as there are entities.

8. We believe in  the existence of good and harmful spheres, heavens and hells, sharing  our time and space. We have the choice to attract and inhabit any of the  spheres. This choice is God-given and we believe it is our duty to  exercise it.

9. We believe that our goal is to reach immortality  in the body, to find God through ecstasy, through at-onement, through  right and spiritually lawful sexuality, through maintaining exploration  of ourselves and of the Universe.

10. We believe that it is our task to spread civilization, harmlessness and right living.